Benefits of Extending the Legacy Trail

Enhances Our Quality of Life

The Legacy Trail is a close-to-home opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to exercise and experience nature

The Legacy Trail preserves places where our children and grandchildren can safely run, play and explore the outdoors

The Legacy Trail Extension will connect and provide greater access to North Port, Venice and Sarasota

It creates safe and healthy routes to schools, parks, shops and workplaces

And enhances property values and invests in our future

In this digital age, we all need places to get stay healthy and be active



Improves Safety for Drivers, Walkers, Runners and Cyclists

The Legacy Trail Extension Improves Safety and Access for families, walkers, runners, cyclists and people with disabilities; provides safe crossings and overpasses at Clark and Bee Ridge roads

Safety is enhanced for all uses, giving an alternative to roadways for walkers, cyclists and runners

It creates safe places to exercise for seniors, children and those with mobility challenges

Facilities are improved, and parking, restrooms trailheads and safe crossings will be added

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